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List of Astronomical Catalogues - Nomenclature, Acronyms & Abbreviations

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Name o number
Name catalogue and of the author
Type of objects, date, collocations and references


2dFGRS   2dFGRS Team, surveys, 245.591 galaxies - (1998-2003) - VII/250
  Hurt, et al., Two possible Galactic clusters discovered in the Infrared Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS)
2SLAQ     2df - SDSS Luminous Red Galaxies and QSO survey - MNRAS 372, 425 - 2006 -
8ZW     Eight Zwicky List Of Compact Galaxies - AJ 80, 545 - 1975 -
A. Antalovà, - Astronomical Institute, Slovak - Skalnaté Pleso
2 open clusters (1970) - X
  The International Variable Star Index Search VSX 179.221 Variable Star Index - VSX
Abell or ACO   Abell, Geogre O. (1958) - Revised by Abell; Corwin & Olowin rich clusters of Galaxies (Abell+ 1989) - Revised northern & southern "Abell Catalog" - VII/110A
Abell or ACO   Abell, Geogre O. and Zwicky Abell and Zwicky Clusters of Galaxies (Abell+ 1974) -  VII/4A
Abell   Abell, George O. Abell's planetary nebulae - (1966) - X -
Abt   Abt, et al., 1980 A single Galactic open cluster - Numbered 1. Mrk 6 = Abt 1
    Downes, Webbink & Shara 2006 The Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables Archivial Edition
ACH   Aurière, et al., 1992 15 globular clusters in M31 the Great Galaxy in Andromeda
ADS   Aitken, Robert Grant - Aitken Double Stars 17.180 double star - (1932) - original Catalogue from University of Michigan
AGB   Acronym for "asymptotic giant branch" a feature of globular clusters color-magnitude diagrams
AH03     10 possible clusters or asterisms that were other-wise unnamed before now
Alessi   Alessi, Bruno - Brazilian amateur astronomer 41 asterisms or open clusters (Dias,+ 2002)
AM   Arp - Madore - Barry F. Madore and Halton C. Arp. 119 globular clusters catalog (Arp 1965) - VII/13
AM   Arp-Madore - Halton C. Arp, Barry F. Madore - Cambridge Univ. a catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations: Positions and Descriptions
Ap   Apriamasvili planetary nebulae
ARO   Algonquin Radio Observatory planetary nebulae
Arp   Halton A. Arp - Univ. of Chicago Press globular clusters in the Galaxy - (1965) -
Arp   Halton A. Arp - Arp's Peculiar Galaxies peculiar Galaxies (Webb 1996) - VII/192
ASK   Sanchez Almeida, J.; Aguerri, J. A. L.; Munoz-Tunon, C.; Huertas Automatic Spectroscopic K means based classification in Local Galaxies
Av-Hunter   Av-Hunter - Aveni-Hunter one open clusters
B   Barnard E. E. 349 dark object in the sky (1927) - VII/220A - Data collected Lamperti
Bar   Barkhatova K. E. open clusters in the region of the North America Nebula Sov. Astron., 2, 410.
Bas   Basel - Astronomical Institute galactic star clusters observed in three colours - A&A Suppl. 4, 241-252. Originally 12 open clusters.
BD   Bonner Durchmusterung stars
Be   Bernes, C. bright nebulosities in opaque dust clouds - A&A Supplem. Series, 29 65 1977
Ber   Berkeley - Lynga 1979 open clusters gives 90 clusters numbered between 1 and 104
Beta, BDS   Burnham, S. W. - Washington, DC, double Stars within 121 deg of the North Pole - (1906) -
Bi   Biurakan - Biurakan Observatory 13 open clusters
Blanco   Blanco open clusters
Bo   Bochum open clusters
Bok   Bok, Bart. J., & C. S. Cordwell globule Bok - A Study of Dark Nebulae (1971) - Steward Observatory. University of Arizona
CAIRNS   Rines K. , Geller M.J., Kurtz M.J., Diaferio A. the cluster and infall region nearby survey (2003) - J/AJ/126/2152
Cdn   Dutra C.M., Bica E. dust clouds in the Galaxy - (2002) - J/A+A/383/631
Ced   Cederblad S - Lunds Observatorium bright diffuse galactic nebulae - (1946) - VII/231
CEDAG   A., Mathez G., Nottale L. - Observatoire de Strasbourg clusters of Galaxies - (Fernandez+ 1984) - VII/88
CGCG     galaxies and clusters of galaxies
CGMW1 & 2   Saito M., Ohtani H., Asonuma A., Kashikawa 7.000 galaxies behind the Milky Way (Saito+ 1990-91; Roman+ 1996-98) - VII/209A
Chandar   Chandar R., Bianchi L., Ford H. C. 60 star clusters in M33 - (Chandar+, 1999) J/ApJS/122/431
CPirss   IRAS catalogue of Point Sources MSX Infrared Astrometric Catalog (Egan+ 1996)
Cr   Collinder, Per 471 open clusters, identified on the Franklin-Adams charts
Chupina   Chupina open clusters
Cz   Czernik open clusters
Dcld   Hartley M., Manchester R.N., Smith R.M., Tritton S.B., Goss W. southern dark clouds (Hartley+ 1986) - 1101 dark clouds
DDO   David Dunlap Observatory - Sidney van den Bergh catalogue of low surface brightness galaxies (1966) - Dwarf Galaxies
de Mello (?)   de Mello D.F., Infante L., Menanteau F. faint Interacting Galaxies (de Mello+ 1997) - VII/205
Djorg   S. Djorgovski discovery of three obscured globular clusters - (1987)
Do   Dolidze open clusters
Dobashi   Dobashi K., Uehara H., Kandori R., Sakurai T., Kaiden M., atlas and Catalog of 5046 Dark Clouds - (2005) - VII/244A
DoDz   Dolidze-Dzimselejsvili open clusters
Dun   Dunlop globular clusters
DWB   H. R. Dickel, H. Wendker and J. H. Bieritz catalog of optically visible H II regions in the Cygnus X Region - (1969) -
E   A. Lauberts three distant stellar clusters found on ESO blue survey plates
ESO   European Southern Observatory southern objects
Fein   Feinstein open clusters
Feitzinger   Feitzinger J.V., Stuewe J.A 489 dark nebulae and globules for l=240-360deg (Feitzinger+ 1984) - VII/68A
Fr   Frolov open clusters
G   Galactic Supernova Remnant galactic supernova remnant - (2000) -
Gcm31   Galleti S., Federici L., Bellazzini M., Fusi Pecci F., Macrina S. revised Bologna catalog of M31 globular clusters - (Galleti+, 2004)
Glise   Glise W., Jahreiss H. preliminary version of the third catalogue of nearby stars - Rechen-Institut, Heidelberg - (1991)
GMP   Godwin J.G., Metcalfe N., Peach J.V 6724 galaxies in the Coma cluster (Godwin+ 1983) - VII/42A
GN   T. Neckel and H. Vehrenberg galactic Nebula - Anonymous Galactic Nebula from the "Atlas of Galactic Nebulae"
Graff   Graff open clusters - Graff 1 = IC 4756 (Graff's Cluster)
Grasdalen   Grasdalen open clusters
Gum   Gum, C. S. bright nebulae - A Survey of Southern H II Regions - (1955) -
H   William Herschel 2500 deep sky objects collected scientific works of William Herschel (1912)
H   Harvard open clusters
Haf   Hafner open clusters
Hav-Moffat   Havermeyer and Moffat open clusters
Hbc   Herbig G.H., Bell K.R. emission-Line Stars of the Orion Population - (Herbig+ 1988) - lists 735 pre-main sequence stars
Hcg   Hickson P. Hickson's compact groups of galaxies (Hickson+ 1982-1994) - Astrophys. J. 380, 30 (1991) - VII/213
He2   Henize, Karl G observations of Southern Planetary Nebulae - (1967) -
HH   Reipurth, B. general Catalogue of Herbig-Haro Objects (Reipurth+, 1999) - V/104
Hk83   Hodge P.W., Kennicutt R.C. atlas of H II Regions in 125 galaxies - A. J.1983 vol. 88 p. 296-328 1983A.J
Hogg   Hogg open clusters
Holm   Holmberg 9 galaxies
HP   Haute Provence Observatory 5 globular clusters found at the Haute Provence Observatory
Hu   Humason planetary nebulae
HyperLeda I   Paturel, G., Petit, C., Prugniel, Ph., Theureau, G., Rousseau, Identification and designation of galaxies - VII/237
HyperLeda II   Paturel, G., Theureau, G., Bottinelli, L., Gouguenheim the homogenized HI data - VII/238
IC   1st and 2nd Index Catalogs to the NGC all types of objects except dark nebulae (Dreyer J.L.E. 1895 - 1908)
Isk   Iskudarian open clusters
Ivanov   Ivanov 2 open clusters
J   Jonckheere planetary nebulae
K   Kohoutek planetary nebulae
Khavtassi   Atlas of Galactic Dark Nebulae - J. Khavtassi Tiblisi, Abastumani galatctic dark nebulae - 1960
King   King, Ivan R. 27 open clusters - PASP, Vol. 78, No. 460, p. 81-82 (February 1966).
Kr   Krasnogorskaja planetary nebulae
Lac   Lacaille globular clusters
Latysev   Latysev I. N. 2 open clusters
LBN   Lynds B.T. bright diffuse galactic nebulae - Contains both emission and reflection nebulae - VII/9
Leda   Extension of PGC catalogue in the Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic the richest catalogue of homogeneous parameters of galaxies for the largest available sample
Loden     open clusters
LDN   Lynds B.T. Catalogue of Dark Nebulae - (Lynds 1962) - Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. 7, 1 (updated version) - VII/7A
Lund   Lynga, G. - Lund Observatory - Sweden open clusters - (1987) -
Lynga   Lynga, G. 14 open clusters - (1964) -
Lynga   Lynga, G., Westerlund B. E., 483 open clusters in the outer parts of the Large Magellanic Cloud - Catalogue
M   Messier - Messier Charles 110 all types of objects except dark nebulae
MaxBCG   Koester B.P., McKay T.A., Annis J., Wechsler R.H., + 13.823 galaxy clusters from SDSS (Koester+, 2007) - J/ApJ/660/239
Mayer     open clusters
MBM   Magnani L., Blitz L., Mundy L. molecular gas at high Galactic latitudes (1985) - Cat
MCG   Vorontsov-Velyaminov+, - Moscow State University morphological Catalog of 29.000 Galaxies (1962 - 1974) - VII/62A
Mcm   Magakian T.Yu merged catalogue of reflection nebulae - J/A+A/399/141 (2003)
Me   Merrill plantary nebulae
MGC   Millennium Galaxy Catalogue - Liske+ 69594 galaxies - (2003) - VII/240
Mrk   Markarian, B. E., open clusters (1951) and galaxies
Mrk   B.E. Markarian, V.A Lipovetskii, J.A. Stepanian, L.K. Erastova + 1515 Galaxies (Markarian+, 1989) - VII/172
Mel   Melotte - Philibert Jacques Melotte open clusters shown on the Franklin-Adams chart plates
Mi, M1   Minkowski, Rudolph, new Emission Nebulae - (1946) -
M1 to M4   Minkowski planetary nebulae
NBG   Tully R.B - Cambridge University Press nearby galaxies catalogue - (Tully 1988) - VII/145
New   Shapley - Ames "new" galaxies in the Revised Shapley-Ames Catalog
NGC   New General Catalogue of Nebulae & Clusters of Stars all types of objects except dark nebulae (Dreyer J.L.E. 1888)
NGC 2000.0   Sinnott, R.W. - Sky Publishing, ed. Sinnott the complete New General Catalogue & Index Catalogue by J.L.E. Dreyer - (1988) - VII/118
NPM1G     northern proper motion, 1st part, Galaxies
Pal   Palomar 15 very faint globular clusters discovered within the POSS (Palomar Observatory Sky Survey).
PB   Peimbert and Batiz planetary nebulae
PC   Peimbert and Costero planetary nebulae
PGC   Principal Galaxies Catalogue - G. Paturel, P. Fouque + an extragalactic database of 983.261 galaxies - (Paturel+, 2003) - VII/237
Pi   Pismis - Paris 24 open clusters
PK   Perek-Kohoutek - Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague Galactic Planetary Nebulae (Kohoutek, 2001) - IV/24
Png   Acker A., Ochsenbein F., Stenholm B., Tylenda R., Marcout J. strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae (Acker+, 1992) - V/84
Prugniel   Prugniel P., Heraudeau P. general Photometry of Galaxies - (Prugniel+ 1998) - VII/206
PTB93   Pasztor, et al., possible Galactic open clusters (1994)
Qso   Veron-Cetty M.P., Veron P. quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei BL Lac Objects (11th Ed.) (Veron+, 2003) - VII/235
Raab   Raab, S. - Lund Medd. Astron. Obs open clusters - (1922) -
RC3   G. de Vaucoulears, A. de Vaucouleurs, Corwin, Buta and Paturel third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies - VII/155
RCG   Abell, Corwin, Olowin - Strasbourg, France catalogue of Rich Clusters of Galaxies - (1989) -
RCW   Rodgers A.W., Campbell C.T., Whiteoak J.B. H-alpha emission regions in Southern Milky Way (Rodgers+ 1960) - VII/216
RFCG   Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue - Karachentsev+ the revised flat galaxy catalogue (FGC) - (1999) - - VII/219
RNGC   Sulentic J.W., Tifft W.G. - Univ. of Arizona Press revised New General Catalogue of NonStellar Astronomical Objects (1973) - VII/1B
Ro   Roslund, Curt - Astronomical Society of the Pacific open clusters
Ru   Ruprecht, J. 1966 - Astronomical Institute of Czechoslovakia open clusters - supplement up to 1973 with 1112 open clusters - VII/101A
Sa   Sandqvist dark nebulae
Sher     open clusters
Sh-2   Sharpless S. - 1959 - (Revised 1991) HII Regions (Sharpless 1959) - Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. 4, 257 (1959) = 1959ApJS....4..257S - VII/20
Sigma   F.G.W. Struve double & multiple stars

O Sigma

  Otto Struve double & multiple stars
SL   Sandqvist & Lindroos dark nebulae
SL   Shapley & Lindsay clusters in LMC
SN   IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams - CBAT List of recent Supernove
Snrs   Green D. A. - Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK galactic supernova remnants - (2009) - - VII/253
Ste   Stephenson open clusters
St   Stock - Jürgen Stock open clusters
Ter   Terzan - Agop Terzan (France) 11 globulars discovered by Agop Terzan (France) in the infrared
TGU   K. Dobashi; H. Uehara; R. Kandori; T. Sakurai; M. Kaiden atlas & catalog of 2448 dark clouds & 2841 clumps based on DSS I (Dobashi+ 2005) - Atlas+Catalog
Tom   Tombaugh, Clyde open clusters - Small List of Open Clusters
Ton   Tonantzintla 2 globulars found at the Tonantzintla observatory
Tr   Trumpler R. J. - Lick Obs open clusters - (1930) -
UA     catalog of selected Non-UGC galaxies
UGC   Uppsala General Catalog - (Nilson 1973)
12.921 galaxies - (1973) - - VII/26D
UGCA   Uppsala General Catalog, Addendum galaxies
UKS   United Kingdom Schmidt 3 globular clusters were cataloged under UKS designations
Up   Upgren open clusters
VV   Vorontsov-Velyaminov interacting galaxies = MCG
vdB   van den Bergh - reflection nebulae (Van den Bergh, 1966) - VII/21 - Photo T. V. Davis
vdBH   Van den Bergh S. & Herbst W. southern stars embedded in nebulosity (1975) - VII/218
VdB-Ha   van den Bergh-Hagen - Van den Bergh, S. and Hagen, G. L., open clusters - Uniform survey of clusters in the Southern Milky Way
Vy   Vyssotsky planetary nebulae
Waterloo   van den Bergh - Waterloo open clusters
WDS   U. S. Naval Observatory the Washington Double Star Catalog - X
Westr   Westerlund 2 open clusters
Winnecke   Astronomische Nachrichten No. 1738, vol 73, Feb 8, 1869 seven double Star, Important only as it contains M40
Zwicky   Fritz Zwicky - (Zwicky+ 1968) - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 27.837 galaxies and 29418 entries in CGCG - VII/190
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Star Clusters - Brent A. Archinal; Steven J. Hynes - Willmann-Bell, Inc
A Photographic Atlas Of Selected Regions Of The Milky Way - Edward Emerson Barnard - Foreword by Gerald Orin Dobek - ed. Cambridge - 2011
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