Al di la della Luna; Beyond the Moon; Astrophotography; Astrofotografia; Danilo Pivato
    Object:  Region B142 & B143 Dark Cloud (nebula) First Light of The BigBang Observatory
Sensor:  CMos Nikon d810a   ISO/@: 800   Filter: Unmfiltered
    Center RA & Dec:  19h 42m 14.6s +10° 52' 09.3" - Pos Angle: +00°,01,5' - Scale: 2.04"/Pixel
Exposure:    1 x 300 seconds
    Date, Time & Number: 2019.09.27 - 18h 22m 19s U.T.C.
Location:  The BigBang Observatory) - Italy
    Instruments:  TeleLens Nikon 500mm f/4,0
Note  Pulse of dithering 1à setup
Photo: Danilo Pivato © Copyright: - Images & texts 2021 - All rights reserved
Detail - Image
Image HiRes: 1920 x 1282 pixel
The Historian of B142 - B143
Focal Length 50mm
Focal Length 100mm
Focal Length 200mm
Focal Length 300mm
Focal Length 400mm
Focal Length 500mm
Focal Length 760mm
Focal Length 1268mm
Focal Length 2100mm
Focal Length 2910mm
B142-143 sduf L: 5,6° x 8,4°
B142-143 sduf L: 1,4° x 2,1°
B142-143 d810a: 2,8° x 4,2°


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